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Decker's Trains was founded in 1985 to produce Gauge 1 models of Sir Arthur Heywood's fifteen-inch gauge estate railways using a scale of 1-1/2 inches to the foot.  Our present line includes the Heywood Point Lever, or switch stand, which is also being used by 7/8 inch to the foot scale modelers.

Our current product line contains European light and industrial railway books and videos.

We now have a new CD series of my drawings of Sir Arthur Heywood's rolling stock.

We have a few of Jeremy Tilston's Industrial Narrow Gauge Illustrated printable drawing CDs.  They can be ordered on the Shop Drawings link at the left.

Holiday Closeout Sale

We are closing out our VHS tapes.  They are all in the North American, NTSC format.  The prices have been reduced, and we will make "package deals" on related titles.  Write for information.



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